Guest Blogging Applications Now Accepted!

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

Hello all!

Do you want to share your story?
Do you have a unique perspective on bipolar disorder or mental illness?

Well… drumroll please…I’m excited to announce that applications are now being accepted for guest blogs!

My only requirements:

(1) You must tell your own story, through your own voice and as experienced by you.

(2) You are welcome to share advice, as long as you know from personal experience that your coping mechanism/recovery approach has worked for you.

(3) Please keep articles to under 1200 words.

(4) Please include a brief (one-two paragraph) bio, and your current URL if you have one. I’ll be happy to link back to your website in your bio.

Questions? Interested? Please contact me.

Thanks! I can’t wait to hear your stories!

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Grief Does Not Equal Depression

A few years ago, I went through something no one should ever have to: post traumatic stress. I was always on edge, waiting for some proverbial shoe to drop. My anxiety level was super high. I’d wake up sweating from recurring nightmares. Vivid, frightening flashbacks hit me in the middle of my workday. The reason? I was recovering from a bad breakup.

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