ebook: it’s happening!

Hi everyone – this is a very informal post, really an update. I have some very exciting news!

I’ve just scheduled my headshot for the book cover, and I’ve uploaded the final book to the U.S. Copyright Office as well.

Next steps: getting it formatted and ready for publishing in ebook format. Stay tuned – I’ll soon have a release date!

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Print or e-book?

Hello dear blog readers! It’s been a minute since I’ve shown my face around here, I’ve been working long hours lately, but it’s coming to a close in July 2021.

I have some exciting news: I’m taking the plunge and self-publishing my book!

On that note, I have a question for all of you: would you be more likely to buy Daddy Issues as a print or an e-book? The price points won’t be much different, I’m just curious which format you prefer.

You can post your answer as a comment on this post.

Thanks everyone for your ongoing support and encouragement. Stay tuned…

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Personality or Bipolar?

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator has been used for everything from psychological assessment to career guidance. My mom is a psychotherapist who has access to the full Myers-Briggs personality test. When I was in high school, I begged her to let me take it. I was dying to find out who I was, and how I fit into the world. The instructions said to answer without analyzing or thinking too much, so I excitedly responded to each question based on my gut instinct of who I knew myself to be—at least at that point in my life. Once the score was tallied, I was designated ENFJ—short for extrovert, intuitive, feeling judging. I came out not just as an extrovert, but on the extreme end of the scale between I (introvert) and E. Of course, it made sense on paper. I had a lot of friends. I was a happy, fun-loving person who adored attention. I was one of those people who could walk up to strangers at a party and introduce myself. And—no joke—my first word wasn’t “mama” or “dada,” it was “hi.” The more time I spent around others, the more invigorated I felt. My personality test solidified my self-confidence.

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From Helpless to Hopeful

By 2021, the raging pandemic had already worn my nerves thin. I’d been bombarded by bad news for so long, it seemed like the norm. People were dying, unemployment was spiking, politicians were fighting. The system was broken. It felt like I’d been stuck inside my house for years. I was overwhelmed and exhausted. It seemed everything was going wrong in the world, and it was stressing me out, to say the least.

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Do You Want to Buy My Book?

My book has not yet been published. I currently have a literary agent shopping it to publishers, but the industry has taken a big hit due to COVID-19.

It would help me immensely to show publishers how many people want to buy it.

Please let me know if you want to buy it by commenting on this post. You can comment anonymously, but if you include a valid email address (it won’t be posted publicly) I can also alert you when the book is available to purchase!

Thank you for your encouragement, support and your help!

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Keep Loneliness at Bay During the Holidays

I often find myself feeling lonely during the holidays. It not like I miss the good old days. I don’t come from a big family. I’m an only child. My dad had bipolar disorder, which showed its face as depression and irritability most of the time. I’m lucky my mom made up for my dad’s bad moods with plenty of affection. But despite her best efforts, Christmas in my home never looked like a Norman Rockwell illustration, either.

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