An Interview with Daniel Bergner, Author of “The Mind and the Moon”


Daniel Bergner is a contributing writer for the New York Times Magazine and the author of five previous books of award-winning nonfiction: the New York Times bestselling Sing for Your Life, What Do Women Want?, The Other Side of Desire, In the Land of Magic Soldiers, and God of the Rodeo. His writing has also appeared in the Atlantic, Granta, Harper’s Magazine, Mother Jones, Talk, and the New York Times Book Review.

After his brother was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Bergner set out to understand the thinking behind modern psychiatry, discovering that many medications that have been commonly prescribed for the past 40 years have some harmful implications. He brings readers on a journey, from the stories of those diagnosed with mental illness to the top neuroscientist labs today – questioning why we are still so far behind in understanding the way the mind works, and how this affects modern treatment options.

In The Mind and the Moon, Bergner pushes readers to seek a deeper engagement with ourselves and one another—and how to find a better path toward caring for our minds. The book has received fantastic praise already, from People Magazine, Publishers Weekly, The New York Times and George Packer, who calls The Mind and the Moon a “troubling, exhilarating work of science and high art.”

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I recently interviewed Daniel Bergner, and he shared his story with me. 

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