Do People Only Love Me When I’m Hypomanic?

Sometimes I feel like people only love me when I’m hypomanic.

And it’s hard for them to love me when i’m depressed.

When I’m hypomanic, I’m:

An incredible extrovert

But when I’m depressed, all of the above is either terribly muffled, or else completely gone.

I think my relationships always start when I’m hypomanic. I love everyone and it seems like they love me back. Is it just my skewed point of view, or am I really irresistible when I’m hypomanic?How do I know people love me for the real me, or for my hypomania?

When I’m depressed, I lose my motivation, I lose my confidence. My brain feels like it’s encased in molasses. I become the opposite of who I once was.

It’s tough to discern who I am from who this illness is sometimes.

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